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Users can secretly track a T-Mobile G2 phone with the help of T-Mobile G2 Spy App. Once the spy app is installed onto the T-Mobile G2 phone, you intend to monitor, it silently logs the entire activity taking place on the phone.

You do not need to worry about accessing the T-Mobile G2 phone every time or be near it to view or upload the data as once the application is installed all the activities are automatically uploaded to a private web account which is then accessible via any web browser of PC / Desktop / laptop / phone or even a Mac.

With the help of T-Mobile G2 Spy App:

An Employer can track the positioning of his/her workforce.
An Employer can monitor the activities or phone usage of his/her employees during office hours.
Families can keep an eye on the activities of their loved ones and kids.
Parents can stay aware of the whereabouts of their children and come to know if they are meeting the right people, doing the right things, and going to right places.
A suspicious husband or wife can clarify his/her doubts or reach a conclusion better than being in a state of confusion.
A boy can get the assurity if the girl he is planning to get married to is not into other guys or cheating on him.
A girl can take her lifetime decision to marry a certain individual by checking his loyalty.
You can achieve a piece of mind and get rid of all your worries.

The information you get access to with the help of T-Mobile G2 Spy:

Calls:  You get a whole list of incoming/outgoing and missed calls of your T-Mobile G2. You can also see how long the call lasted, the time at which the call was initiated or ended with the help of T-Mobile G2 spy.

SMS: G2 mobile spy app records the time and date of sent and received text messages. This information is instantly recorded so even if the user deletes a certain text it is still recorded.
You are able to view the phone numbers and the contact names of the sender and recipient.

Contacts: All the contacts stored on the G2 phone are made available to you via this G2 Spy App even if any contact is added any time later it will be logged too.

Browsing: You get to view all the websites visited on the G2 phone.

Appointments/Calender dates: You can view all the important dates saved on the phone.

Location: You can track the phone via GPS, wifi, and cell tower and view the reports on a map.

Pictures: You get to see all the pictures taken by the G2 phone.

Videos: You can view all the videos made, using the G2 phone. However, only up to 15 MB in size.

SIM change: If the SIM of the G2 phone is replaced with a new one you receive an automatic notification.

Call Recording: All the incoming and outgoing calls are recorded for you to listen to, any time later.

Surround Recording: You can get the surroundings of your target G2 phone recorded with this G2 Spy for any specific duration i.e. 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

Once you have installed the application onto your target G2 it will start creating the logs of the events taking place for you on the specified server. You can access this information any time you want to by logging into your stealth club account. The installation process takes no more than few minutes and there is no way for it to be detected. Just a couple of minutes with the target phone will ensure that you can keep track on your workforce and ensure the safety of your kids.

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T-Mobile G2 Spy App

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