Supported Phones & Operating Systems: Cell Phone Monitoring Software supports and works for almost all of the Android Phones, Blackberry, iPhone, Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung, Nokia and Windows Phone

Saying goes that no scientific invention is either good or bad, but its use makes it so. Teens love technology. They always like to equip them with the latest available gadgets and other innovative technologies of the day.

Providing your kids with the latest gadgets like iPhone, iPads and many other such gadgets is not a bad thing to do, but keeping an eye on their different day to day cell phone/ online activities is must. Teen is an age when your children are inclined to make some mistakes and if they are not properly guided, they may become a victim of some life changing event.

But now parents can provide their teens with better protection with cell phone monitoring software. Now cell phone spy software has made life a lot easier for the parents and now they can easily monitor all the cell phone activities of their teens with cell phone monitoring software. Cell phone monitoring software can make parents trouble free and can decrease their worries that they have regarding cell phone use of their teens and kids.

Nowadays, cell phone monitoring software is available with wide range of features as different vendors are offering cell phone spying software with a variety of features and functions.  Some standard features include email logging, contact details logging, monitoring the text messages or SMS spy, live chat viewing etc, etc. Some vendors like Flexispy are also offering some exclusive features in their cell phone monitoring apps these features include GPS location tracking and live chat viewing.

A considerable number of parents have decided to provide their teens with a cell phone with pre-installed cell phone spying app and they often seem to ask what kind of features they must prefer when buying such software for their teens or kids cell phones.

Reliability, right types of features, easy installation are the factors that parents must consider when choosing a cell phone monitoring app for their teens cell phone. These days, many different makers are offering cell phone monitoring software for different cell phones that include iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.

Picking the right software for this purpose is essential. Your teens would never like the idea that someone is monitoring their different activities and they may reckon it a restriction towards their freedom. You need to pick a software that cannot be easily detected.

Buying Guide:

Mobistealth Packages

3 months -   39.99 USD

6 months -   59.99 USD

12 months – 89.99 USD

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Cell Phone Monitoring Software is also offering PC Spy Software for personal computers & Laptops to help keep a complete check on your children. Be it teens or tweens, with the PC Spy Software parents can know for sure what their kids are up to, even when they’re not there watching them. The PC Spy Software is a one stop solution for working parents, single parents or even stay at home parents who have too many chores. 

pc spy software

PC Spy Software

What can PC Spy Software help parents achieve? This is the digital age and your kids are constantly stuck to the home PC. When they aren’t using it for studies they are bound to be using it for entertainment. The computer monitoring software basically helps parents by allowing them to monitor every digital move their child makes. As active parents it’s your responsibility to minimize the effect of negative elements on your child – make sure you know what they’re up to before it’s too late.

PC Spy Software Features

Advanced Features:

  • Recording Of Surrounds
  • Screen Shots Logging

Standard Features:

  • Browser History Logging
  • Keystroke Logging
  • MSN Chat Logging
  • YAHOO Chat Logging

Location & Security:

  • Location Reporting

PC Spy Software Packages Details:

3 months -   39.99 USD

6 months -   59.99 USD

12 months – 79.99 USD

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Note: PC Spy Software is only compatible with Windows 7 Operating System



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