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To deal with iPhone spying problems, a stupendous iPhone monitoring app should also be simple and easy to use. There are many mobile spy software companies but choosing between these requires analysis of these companies’ features, services, prices’ etc. There are three main competitors in this industry.

•    Mobistealth
•    Flexispy
•    Mobile-spy

The above three are the top vendors in the market but which one is the best? The answer is Mobistealth.

Why Mobistealth is better than the rest of two:

Prices of Mobistealth iPhone spy apps are cheaper than other top online spyware brands. Mobistealth provides different time limit packages like 3-months, 6-months, 12-months, and its prices are easily adjustable in your budget.

If we talk about rating of latest or high technology providers, Mobistealth wins the race and stands at the first position. Mobistealth provides you with the latest, easy to understand, easy to use technology that is never offered by anyone in this market.

Features: Mobistealth provides more advanced features than Flexispy and Mobile-spy. Mobistealth provides features like call recording and remote monitoring recording that mobile-spy doesn’t provide.

Mobistealth Features:

•    Email Logging – View all the details of sent and received emails.
•    Picture Logging -- This feature allows you to stealthily see the pictures snapped on the iPhone 4.
•    Video Logging – This feature allows you to stealthily see the videos snapped on the iPhone 4.
•    SMS Logging — extract all SMS details which are sent or received
•    LIVE Listening to Surroundings
•    Recording of the Surroundings
•    Contact Details — view full details of every contact stored on the device
•    Reverse Phone Look up
•    Call History Logging – find all the outgoing and incoming details of the calls
•    Contact Details – view full details of every contact stored on the device
•    GPS Tracking – track anonymously the GPS coordinates of the iPhone 4
•    Tracking without GPS

Price Range:
39.99 to 79.99 USD for Lite version and 89.99 USD to 149.99 USD for Pro version.

3-months, 6-months, 12-months.

URL:- (Click Here To BUY)

FlexispySoft Features:-
•    Remote Bugging Device,
•    Read SMS,
•    Emails & GPS Locations,
•    Photo and video logging
•    Call records
•    SIM change notification – find out new number,
•    Download reports in CSV, PDF & RTF formats,
•    Full remote control, Remote uninstall

Price Range:-
39 USD, 149 USD, 249 USD, 349 USD



Mobile-spy features:-
•    View the screen
•    Instant GPS location
•    Get SIM information
•    SMS logging
•    Contact information
•    Tasks, memo
•    Cell ID location
•    Photo, video logging

Price Range:-
39.97 USD, 49.97 USD, 69.97 USD, 99.97 USD, 129.97 USD

3-months, 6-months, 12-months

  • Mobistealth ( is the best iPhone monitoring app so far. So, visit the below mentioned websites and see and analyze the difference by yourself.

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