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Mobistealth‘s employees mobile monitoring software is one of the leading spy software for iphone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows and Android, HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola phones. Employees monitoring software is considered as vital software for cell phones. It has introduced an employee monitoring software which records and monitors all the activities of your employees. Employees tend to perform more effectively when they are aware that they are being monitored and checked. When employees know that their supervisors are monitoring them they try to give their best so that they are recognized and hence results in the increase of productivity of your company. In this way discipline of the company/organization is also improved.


  • Email Logging- SECRETLY read the incoming and outgoing emails on employees cell phone
  • Live Listening to Surroundings/Spy call- Live listening to the surroundings, and spy a call on employees phone
  • Picture Logging- SECRETLY view the photos taken by the phone
  • Appointment/Calendar Logging- View appointment history and secret meeting schedule of employees
  • Bookmark Logging- View the bookmark history
  • Browser History Logging- SECRETLY View the websites visited by the employees on their phones
  • Call History Logging- SECRETLY listen the calls and view their history
  • Contact Details- Secretly view the contacts details of the employees mobile phones
  • SMS Logging- SECRETLY view the inbox, and sent items of text messages
  • Location and Security- View the current and past location of employees
  • GPS Tracking- Track the GPS location of employees phone
  • Location Through SMS- Send SECRET SMS on the target phone and know exact the location of the phone
  • SIM Change Notification- This feature enables you to notify SIM change through secret SMS

Employees monitoring software is very essential for the companies who are in service or delivery business. To know the exact location of your employees and to know whether they are really performing their duties or not, you need to get this employees monitoring software instantly. Employees monitoring software is very easy to use. After installing employees monitoring software on your target mobile, you just have to login to stealth club. And thereafter you can observe everything what happens on the phone. You can view all text messages through text messages spy software, phone calls, websites, and exact location.

Employees monitoring software works silently without informing the suspect that they are being monitored. Employee monitoring can be referred as very proficient and affordable process of recording and tracking all employees’ activities during work whether working inside or outside the workplace. In today’s world the internet and other technologies have supported the employees monitoring process to a larger extent. Mobistealth’s android monitoring software gives just one click access to view everyone on your entire network in real-time from one central location. This powerful employees monitoring software helps your organization to flourish and prosperous. When every activity of the employees can be seen, the chances of deception from the employees are reduced greatly. You can appreciate the worth of this software when you use it.

WHERE TO BUY Employee Mobile Monitoring Software?

URL: http://www.Mobistealth.com/

PRICE: $39.99 USD – $149.99 USD

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Cell Phone Monitoring Software – Monitor Kids, Spouse, Employees

Lies are everywhere and with such abundance, it becomes difficult to find out the difference between the right and wrong. Everyone can cheat, but you must be thankful that there are certain options which can help you avoid cheating. Thanks to cell phone spy apps which have made things quite easy and simple for those who have concerns about their loved ones. Cell phone monitoring software can definitely help you get rid of the pain and agony that a perturbed soul have to face when becoming a victim of cheating.

There’s an increasing demand for cell phone spy software and other apps like that as we know well that cheaters, dishonest employees, straying teens and kids are a part of every society and anyone can become the victim of their wrongdoings. So you need to find some options which can really show you the right direction and keep you away from pain and sufferings you may face because of your gullibility and others’ cunningness. Gone are the days when you had to rely on hiring very expensive private detectors and now things can be done just with a few tapping of your device. These days a large number of cell phone vendors are offering cell phone monitoring apps for different smart phones.

Some features of these spying applications are standard that can be seen in almost all monitoring software apps, while other features are just standard features and found in almost all spy apps while others are offering some exclusive features that are not widely available. If you have decided to buy a cell phone monitoring app to spy on someone, you need to pick the features and functions that are quite according to your different spying needs and offer you the kind of information you want to have when using a cell phone monitoring app. These days many different companies are offering cell phone monitoring apps with a variety of features and functions, but despite looking for available features and functions, you will need to keep your spying needs in mind. In fact cell phone monitoring software is a lot more feasible and easy option than hiring a private detector. It allows you to easily monitor all the activities of the person that you have some suspicions or concerns about.

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