Suspect a cheating spouse? Want to know about your kids’ whereabouts? Have a curious neighbor? Is your husband/wife acting skeptically since last week? Want to keep a phone backup in case of emergency? Are you in a state of distress due to troubled office environment and want to have a solution for employees monitoring? Whatever your requirements are, you can find out the real underlying truth stealthily without being noyiced.

  • Now you can get answers to all your assumptions within TWO minutes.
  • You can catch the culprit RED-HANDED without being questioned.
  • You can get relaxed and liberate your mind from all sorts of troubling thoughts and worries.


Once android monitoring software is installed on your suspect’s Android phone, you will be able to access the following details through Android monitoring software:

  • View Cell Phone Contacts- All contacts stored on the Android device.
  • View SMS- SECRETLY Read All text Messages which are either sent or received through android monitoring software.
  • View Call Logs– SECRETLY view call logs having details of dialed and received calls through android monitoring software.
  • Call Recording– You will be able to listen to all call recordings which are saved online.
  • GPS Location Tracking– Easily track the exact location of your target phone with the help of android monitoring software.
  • Location on Demand– Request location by sending an SMS and receive location coordinates as well with the help of android monitoring software.
  • Browsing History– You can easily view the internet browsing history even if it is deleted with the help of free keylogger software.

In addition to the above mentioned features several new features are being introduced from time to time and they differ according to the Android monitoring software package selected.


Android Monitoring Software makes it possible for you to sneak into your cheating spouse, betraying partner, troubling teens or disturbing employees’ Android cell phone secretly and find out, what are they doing. You just need to install it in the suspect’s Android phone.

  • For installation of android monitoring software,you should have the POSSESSION for few minutes of the target Android phone.
  • After having possession, you can simply download the android spy software into your target Android Phone.
  • It instantaneously starts recording text messages, calls and various other cell phone activities and, like a ghost, uploads all such data in an online SSL secured account stealth club.
  • Android monitoring software works in stealth mode and it is 100% UNDETECTABLE.

SUPPORTED ANDROID PHONES: Android Monitoring Software by MobiStealth supports almost all of the android phones. You can easily spy on any android phone.


MobiStealth ( android spy software offers following packages

1. Mobistealth Lite It provides you with GPS tracking, SMS and call logs, browsing history, contact details and calendar details in just:

PRICE: $49.99 (3 months), $69.99 (6 monhts),  $99.99 (12 months)

2. Mobistealth PRO It has all features found in Mobistealth Lite along with picture logs and on demand room monitoring plus on demand location tracking in just:

PRICE: $79.99(3 months), $119.99(6 months), $149.99(12 months)

3. Mobistealth PRO-X It is combined with features of Mobistealth PRO and light plus video logs and secrete recording of calls in just:

PRICE: $99.99(3 months),  $149.99(6 months), $199.99(12 months)   


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